Are you frustrated by making the same mistakes over and over again?

Do you know in your head what you should be doing but when the time comes to perform you don’t do what you want and know how to do? Are there moments when it seems like you’ll never get back on track?

The work I do is a new cutting-edge form of psychotherapy that is ideal for athletes, actors, musicians, and performers. I have had extensive training by the Master Trainers of both Brainspotting and The Comprehensive Resource Model.  Used together, these approaches can help you overcome performance issues.

I invite you to read my article on how I work with sports performance enhancement and browse my website to learn more and see how I could be of service to you.

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What makes me different from other therapists?

  • Specialized Approach

    I have a unique specialized approach with a high success rate, an approach which is only offered by a minority of therapists

  • Results Oriented

    I use a direct, efficient, solution-focused, and brain-based approach that is results oriented.

  • Cutting-Edge

    I have had extensive training by the two Master Trainers of Brainspotting, a cutting-edge approach to help you overcome performance issues.

“My commitment to helping has been described as ‘giving 200%’.

I want our work to be positive and productive. Together we will work to achieve your goals.”

Working with me offers the opportunity to:

Regain lost skills and return to a state of peak performance.

Overcome fears and anxieties to feel competent and capable about yourself again.

Regain your ability for creative expression that will stimulate originality in new areas.

Feel a greater sense of confidence when under work or academic pressure.

Together we can find a solution so you can get back to being your best. I have tools to help you leave your anxiety and self-doubt behind and replace it with confidence. It’s time to feel better!

Are you ready to return to peak performance?

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